Networking to Save Awesome Orangutans

orangutan on wood

Did you know that orangutan babies can suckle for up to seven years? Dedicated female orangutans are probably the most outstanding

mothers of all mammals. The mothers also literally carry the babies for the first five years of their lives. These fascinating great apes of Asia are iconic to say the least. Today, they can only be found in the islands of Sumatra and Borneo in Indonesia. These seemingly orange apes dwell mainly on tree tops. They thrive in tropical rain-forests owing to the abundance of food. Their favorite food is ripe fruit. With a great need for calories, these apes also fill up with seeds, nuts, honey, flowers, soil; among many others. In fact, they have been documented to eat up to 400 different things.

However, human activity is the greatest danger to these wonderful apes. Their habitats are continually being encroached and destroyed. If enough is not done on time, orangutans may be wiped out completely. Thankfully, there are many initiatives that are helping prevent the extinction of these Asian apes. The Orangutan Network is one good example. We have tasked ourselves with connecting the efforts of orangutan conservation and research. Here, we invite all people of goodwill who want to save this precious species of apes. With collective work and energy, these wonderful apes do not have to die off. At The Orangutan Network we work in two main ways as described below.

Long-term active research

We have pitched camp on the ground to drive a long-term or permanent research program. We monitor the habitats as we seek to implement localized conservation for orangutans. This active research effort is critical to keep abreast with what is going on in the local populations. To this end, all conservation initiatives are better informed and tailored to ensure that excellent results are realized.

Document geographic variations

The local traditions among orangutans come with a cultural component. In light of this, the geographic variation is key to monitor any emerging trends. This important information will further bolster the conservation efforts by many organizations. The Orangutan Network is therefore a hub of relevant information, news and research pieces on orangutans.Orangutan on tree

This endangered species can only be saved through the concerted efforts of the local authorities and conservation organizations. Any person who is interested or passionate can also contribute greatly in their own way. To begin with, you can share all the critical information and news on orangutans. When people are aware, they are more likely to get involved. Another way to get involved is to donate to the conservation efforts. It is through these resources that we are able to conduct ongoing research on the ground.

You can also sign petitions like one that seeks to stop illegal logging at the orangutan habitats. For more information, join our online forum or contact us. When one female orangutan is killed, the population will take very long to recover. This is because a female can only give birth once in every eight to ten years. Habitat destruction and illegal poaching are the leading threats to these awesome Asian apes. Join our network and let us do something concrete to save orangutans.