Critical Reasons to Save Orangutans in the Wild

two-orangutans-orangutannetwork.netOrangutans are certainly the most intelligent species on land after humans. These great apes have demonstrated impressive cognitive skills showing just how intelligent they are. For example, these threatened apes are able to create tools for daily use and pass the knowledge on to their young ones. The sad part about these adorable apes is that their ecosystem is threatened. They are at risk of being extinct and if nothing is done about it, the beautiful beings will become a distant memory. The island of Borneo is home to some of the last populations of orangutans. With diminishing rain-forests, conservationists are working double shift to conserve the precious animals.

Orangutans are an umbrella species

One of the greatest reasons to conserve and protect these great apes is because they are an umbrellas species. This literally means that saving them will save a host of other animal species in their ecosystem. The island of Borneo for example has a great variety of animal species. In fact, Indonesia is a leading hub of animal species. A third of all known insect species are found in Indonesia. Also, about seventeen percent of mammalian species including forty species of primates are found in this ecosystem. With all the above in mind, Indonesia is leading in the world when it comes to forest loss. This effectively puts orangutans and other species at risk. This biodiversity can be protected if conservation efforts are prioritized at all levels. Saving the great apes will means saving other animals.

Orangutans are a key wild attraction

Long Hair Boss Animal Orangutans orangutannetwork.netIf orangutans disappear from their habitat, the local communities and host countries will suffer. This is because losing a cherished wildlife attraction will mean having fewer tourists. In this regard, economies will suffer. Therefore, retaining these apes as a national treasure will greatly improve economies. Rare animal species such as these great apes must therefore be protected. It will not just contribute to the national pride but to the overall economy as well.

Humans can learn more from orangutans

There is ongoing scientific research on the great apes. How they function is a source of great interest and fascination. Scientists want to uncover so much more about these distant cousins and hopefully shed more light. With a diminishing orangutan population, it is hard for researchers to gather vital knowledge about these apes. Probably, these are the animals that hold the keys to our very existence. Therefore, learning from orangutans cannot stop and this is a potent reason why conserving them is critical.

To save orangutans, there is so much that you can do. No matter your location, you can contribute in a small way to make a huge difference. First, you can start by sharing this information with your friends and those around you. Empowerment with information is the first step to saving orangutans. This way, people will realize there is a problem in the first place. You can also join organizations that help save these precious apes. If you can volunteer your services in conservation, this will be great as well. Other things you can do is to start a fundraiser and assist in the efforts to save orangutans. There are so many resources online that will connect you to the right causes. With your input, you can help preserve orangutans from extinction.