orangutan on wood

Networking to Save Awesome Orangutans

Did you know that orangutan babies can suckle for up to seven years? Dedicated female orangutans are probably the most outstanding mothers of all mammals. The mothers also literally carry the babies for the first five years of their lives.

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orang-utan-The Orangutan Network

Reaching Out to Save Orangutans

To say that orangutans are close to the human family is an understatement. The fact that these great apes share over 97% genetic make-up with us is astounding. These adorable apes are part of us. However, there is a major

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baby-orangutan-The Orangutan Network

Why Orangutan Conservation is Pivotal

Orangutans are not monkeys; they are classified as great apes. These intelligent mammals are very gentle and patient. They can live for more than 60 years; and males can weigh up to 130 kg. These apes have become subject to

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